Universal Basic Income


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Tomorrow, 03:10
I see a lot of socialist and communist politicians around the world are pitching in this sort of the welfare system. And they are promising that this will take care of the homeless and the poor people. Here they wish to tax the rich and ultra rich companies and people for this. But there are problems with this type of scheme.

1. If I work 4 hours and earn same income as you where you work 12 hours a day. We are both same in front of this scheme. Which is unfair.
2. People with lazy attitude would never learn new skills or contribute towards any growth. Still get income.
3. Such schemes failed in Venezuela and we all know where that country is going.

Do you think UBI is good for your country? Why?


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Today, 16:40
My first question is, where does this money come from? Taxes? Then why not lower taxes and increase job opportunities? I don't see the point.