Thoughts on Cheating on Partners and Pedophilia?


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Today, 15:56
I’m apparently a “femme fatale” because several men and guys anywhere from my age to 80-90 years old have wanted to cheat on their wives or partners with me or to have me as a side dish. Apparently, I attract also many pedophiles 50 years old and up and they’re either already married and have kids or grandkids and want to cheat on their wives with me. Many men and women seem to think it’s ok to cheat on their romantic partners and treat love frivolously and whimsically. I personally am not okay with it and have put my foot down to their attraction towards me by either blocking them online or directly rejecting them without any ceremony because it takes 2 to f**k and I personally don’t swing that way on the monkey bars. Meaning that I don’t think either for very old men to be attracted to much younger women or girls. In fact, I find it creepy, unethical, immoral and just wrong overall. I always seem to attract men already in a relationship or married wanting to stray too which puts me in a bad spot in short.


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Today, 12:56
Cheating is not okay in any fashion or form.

Pedophilia is depravity & should not be tolerated anywhere.