Periods are useless for me personally!


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Today, 16:44
Since I’m on birth control, and don’t want kids ever, I don’t see what use my periods are for. Planning to take some birth control shot to stop them altogether completely, a load off my mind really. I’m on manic low and have ADHD and OCD when on mine, thence why I really don’t see why I should have them every 3 weeks for 4-5 days. It’s just a stress less for me personally really indeed. @TechWiz18, hope it’s okay to vent about this because I’m just fed up with mine myself. I feel icky, gross and disgusting whilst on mine.
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Today, 14:44
There's a pressure point on either side of the lower spine, having had a few test subjects who trust me that were willing to allow me to experiment with them I can confirm that not only does it ease lower back pain and gastrointestonal issues like cramps and such but it also makes periods hurt less and actually finish more quickly due to the body being able to purge faster.

good luck with whatever you do but I wanted to let you know about a non chemical method for dealing with them better.