Obsession over someone and sexual Harassment?


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Today, 16:47
Both males and females alike can obsess over anyone. I’ve had myself met a roommate who’s committed suicide because she’s been obsessed with her married psychiatrist with children. I have I myself been obsessed over by men from any walks in life, any age and any ethno-cultural backgrounds I think it’s just to commit suicide for anything and to obsess over someone so much is unearthly because it might lead to sexually harassing that person. I’ve personally known people who’d obsess over taken men and women alike. No wonder why I think romantic love is obsessing over me and jealousy, drama and fights. I’ve only personally had bad experiences with romantic relationships thence why I’m so negatively biased on it and I’m an sex-repulsed asexual aromantic. Saves me drama and headaches for me personally. That’s just my 2 cents on it tbh, nothing personal about it, ok?