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Today, 21:19
How are you all being effected by COVID-19 and what do you think about how it is getting handled where you are?


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Tomorrow, 02:19
I cannot leave the house for 12 weeks due to being in a high risk category but I don't go out anyway due to agoraphobia so there have been no major lifestyle changes for me.
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Today, 22:19
I live in PEI Canada. There are only 27 confirmed cases here which have all now fulled recovered and there has been no new cases in almost 3 weeks now. The Chief Public Officer has allowed some easy back now which consists of us being able to have to gathering outside with up to 10 people and gathers of 5 people inside. It started out where we could only gather outside in groups of 5 but on account of everyone following her guidelines so reward us with being able to move a head with some of stuff in phase 2 which was supposed to start on May 22nd. My friends and I are sad that exhibition has been cancelled here since we look forward to going to it ever summer but we have come other things to do instead like we are going to have a Fun Day at park when they are allowed to reopen.


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Today, 18:19
I think our county is doing ok.

I don't like that the police is issuing citations to homeless folks.

How are they going to follow lockdowns if there's no place for them to live?