A lying Friend?


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Today, 17:03
Has any friends offline and online ever lied to you? Just to have your attention because he’s been pining madly for you for over 12 years? I’ve just found out that the friend who’s been having the coronavirus has been lying to me all this time just to seek my attention. Where do I stand now and what should I do with him? He’s been saying stuff like it’s made him lose his eyesight, teeth and hair? Which I should have known the coronavirus doesn’t do to you. He hasn’t been to the hospital at all, he’s just been testing me to see if I were in love with him too. I’m finally considering cutting all ties with him too in life. Any advice please?


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Today, 14:03
This is a late reply. I am sorry this happened to you. I hope everything worked out in the end for you.


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Today, 17:03
Sorry, this is a late reply too. With all that we know now, hair loss was one of the symptoms but eyesight and teeth, I have never heard of. I don't know how you dealt with it, but if it is still ongoing, ask for proof. Was he tested, he could provide the test results. I hope that things were resolved, it is ever nice to lie to a friend in real life. Sadly online there is a lot of lying going on, seems to be so much easier for people to lie online. I am sorry that this happened to you. Don't give up on friendship because of one person. Stay safe & healthy.