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  1. TechWiz18

    Sites that are surprisingly still going

    Wow that's an old one for sure, I don't remember if I ever actually did anything with Neopets.
  2. TechWiz18

    Total times you've checked social media today?

    I actually recently deleted Facebook, Twitter and Instagram personally. I have some social media but none of the big populous ones.
  3. TechWiz18

    *feeble wave*

    Let me know if you manage to find it!
  4. TechWiz18

    Sites that are surprisingly still going

    I'm personally surprised that is still running. I joined around 2008 and have simce been rather inactive on the forum but I'm impressed that it's still kicking.
  5. TechWiz18

    Why Are Pirates Called Pirates?

    Haha, nice!
  6. TechWiz18

    *feeble wave*

    You should be able to find one about 5 miles down the path. 😜
  7. TechWiz18

    *feeble wave*

    Hey Ryan welcome! I'm glad you deemed us worthy of joining and are enjoying the theme 😎
  8. TechWiz18

    Important! Do you like making conversations?

    Hello! I am hoping to find someone within our little community here that enjoys making new threads and discussions and perhaps has a little more time than I do to do so! You'd likely be placed in a Community Moderator position. Shoot me a DM if you're interested and let me know if you have any...
  9. TechWiz18

    What Do You Get When You Drop A Piano Down A Mine Shaft?

    Lol 😂 I thought I would have expected this one. I am disappointed in myself 😂
  10. TechWiz18

    Your TV Setup

    @SpookyZalost that is very interesting, I didn't know that about 16bit games
  11. TechWiz18

    Total times you've checked social media today?

    I've actually decided uninstall the most wasteful social media app from my phone yet again. Bye bye Facebook 🙃
  12. TechWiz18

    What time is it?

  13. TechWiz18

    AMA for TechWiz18

    This is going to sound very full l but my favorite is Water. Hydrate or die as some say 😂
  14. TechWiz18

    Hi, I'm New Here!!!

    Feel free to either message me directly for a name change in the future :)
  15. TechWiz18

    Greetings from the abyss of cyberspace

    Well thank you for deeming us worth uncloaking for! It is great to have you here! I hope you do come around from time to time to engage with us here :)
  16. TechWiz18

    Your TV Setup

    Wow that's some specifics you went for there 😋
  17. TechWiz18

    Remote work

    That's one of the things my father in law has been enjoying from working at a call center now from home. Everything is much closer! Including his commute 😂
  18. TechWiz18

    Remote work

    Have any of you had to do remote work this year due to COVID? How's the experience been?
  19. TechWiz18

    When Do Computers Overheat?

    That's good :P
  20. TechWiz18

    What Kind Of Music Do Planets Like?

    That's rich, haha thanks for posting these :P