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  1. TechWiz18

    Crazy weekend, how has everyone else been?

    Crazy weekend, how has everyone else been?
  2. TechWiz18

    Hello! Goodbye! Welcome!

    @Naiwen Love the new avatar and signature :)
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    Why do others exist? My Conclusions!

    I often get nervous about talking to people I haven't met before no matter how friendly they seem. Which, isn't the worst instinct in my opinion but it can be a bit frustrating if you actually want to talk to people.
  4. TechWiz18

    Information Affiliating

    @JennyorAlice Link/Image has been updated :)
  5. TechWiz18

    Information Affiliating

    Absolutely, I will work on getting it added in place of Nightly Frights :)
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    The Toilet Paper

    Haha, we have some people at work that put it under and it is a little annoying but it's not horrible. Sometimes I switch it but most of the time I just leave it and when I put a new roll on I put it on the right way :P
  7. TechWiz18

    The Toilet Paper

    It is nice to see that we don't have any evildoers 🤣
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    How active are you on this forum?

    I am quite active, I try to jump in and post as much as I can to keep things looking somewhat lively :) Though, between work and life, it can be hard some days!
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    Hello! Goodbye! Welcome!

    Hey @Naiwen what was previously wrong with your Macbook? Also, I hope you can find your phone :unsure:
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    Dad Jokes

    What does a nosey pepper do?
  11. TechWiz18

    At least today I could see much farther in front of me on the drive to work :D

    At least today I could see much farther in front of me on the drive to work :D
  12. TechWiz18

    Media Aspect Ratio for Classic Simpsons on Disney+

    I just came across this article that is explaining that on Disney Plus they have modified the aspect ratio so now any jokes that the creators may have put in place are actually cut off. This may be a turn off for those that would be getting Disney Plus for The Simpsons. What are your thoughts...
  13. TechWiz18

    Console Simulators

    I think I may have was a Sims 2 game on Playstation I think. Unfortunately I don't remember the experience very well because it was quite awhile ago. I mostly game on PC.
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    Fitness Bands

    I actually utilize a Fitbit which tracks my steps, sleep & heart rate. It is set to try and get me to take at least 250 steps every hour and will remind me 10 minutes before the hour if I haven't reached it yet. I've enjoyed having it because it also serves as a watch and I probably wouldn't...
  15. TechWiz18

    My Therapy Updates

    Yay! Thanks for the update :)
  16. TechWiz18

    Being on time

    Being late in general for me has generally been extremely stressful but by God's grace this is something that has been improved upon in my life.
  17. TechWiz18

    Phone storage

    It's crazy to me that we used to think 64GB of storage on a phone was a lot but I find a lot of people some how manage to fill it up.
  18. TechWiz18

    Preferred news source?

    Do you believe that a government based news service isn't biased at all?
  19. TechWiz18

    Backwards Compatibility

    I think it depends on what it means for the hardware moving forward. If it means it's going to hold back innovation than they shouldn't. However, I don't quite understand why this isn't possible as consoles continue to evolve and the games are primarily digital.
  20. TechWiz18

    Mobile Legends

    I haven't actually played Mobile Legends...granted I also haven't played the desktop version in some time either. Are the mobile games just as long as the desktop ones can be or are the ones on mobile shorter?