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  1. TechWiz18

    Media Star Wars Return of the Jedi

    Have you seen this movie yet? @Tayler and I just went and saw it yesterday and it was pretty good. There are definitely some questions throughout that had us scratching our head a little bit afterward but it didn't keep us from enjoying it.
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    The Toilet Paper

    We continue to have sane folks here :)
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    Continue the story

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    Count with Emoticons

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    Media & Books How many do you physically own?

    That's a lot of books! How big are the bookcases?
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    What time is it?

    7:24 A.M.
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    What's Good!

    Absolutely! :)
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    What's Good!

    Hey! Welcome to GAT :) glad you decided to join us and I do hope you have a good time here with us.
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    Count with Emoticons

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    Retro Consoles

    Yeah I figured, I'll have to do it when I actually have any kind of time and strong desire to do so :P
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    Information Affiliating

    Thanks for being interested in Affiliating with us :) I've added you to our list!
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    Media & Books How many do you physically own?

    Oh wow, that's a good amount of books, do they all fit on one book shelf?
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    Media Do you complain?

    I do not believe I've done that to others, it seems one should have more self-control than that.
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    Hello one and all!

    Oh no, have things been improving for you at all?
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    Count with Emoticons

    :unsure: :unsure: :unsure:
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    What time is it?

    1:16 PM
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    Hey @BuzzyBee and welcome to GAT! :) The holidays have had us quite busy so I haven't had a chance to jump on here but I am happy you're here!
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    What time is it?

    12:55 PM